Allan Dantas

Growing up in Brazil, Allan was exposed to latin music and dancing at a very young age. Allan only started taking dance classes in 1999 and hasn't left latin dancing since then. Before moving to Australia in 2007, Allan promoted latin dance events and was a key contributor in bringing together the latin dance professionals and students in the northeastern region of Brazil.



Upon his arrival in Sydney he joined Latin Dance Australia, where his dancing career took a major leap. In just over a year, he was already performing and teaching internationally and also representing Australia in what is now the World Latin Dance Championships in the USA, making it to the finals both times. Years and years of training with world renowned Jaime Jesus and Nestor Manuelian and partnering with Katrina Quintal and Amy Mills have taken his dance skills to where it is today and since moving to Canberra in 2016, he can't wait to share his knowlege with the Canberra dance scene. His passion for entertaining people around him have also led his career to great heights in the audiovisual industry. Having worked at major concerts and festivals such as Soundwave, Big Day Out, Stereosonic, Spilt Milk, Coldplay, Radiohead, Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Beach Boys, among many others, gave him the knowlege to run look after the whole equipment production for the biggest dance events in Australia such as Canberra Latin Dance Festival, Sydney Latin Festival, Sydney International Bachata Festival, Australian Latin Dance Cup and Inner West Fiesta, to name a few.

Hamed Sarbazhosseini

Hamed is one of the most dedicated and in demand instructors in Canberra. He became involved with Latin Dance scene to meet new people, gain new skills and challenge himself. Hamed is one of the passionate Bachata and Salsa instructors. He loves performing and competing in his loved styles. In the last few years, he was involved with multiple competitions and performances in Salsa and Bachata.


Hamed enjoys the diverse and friendly group of people he has met during his dance journey. He believes that dance can bring people from all different cultures and backgrounds together for one common purpose, which is to have fun, express themselves through body movement and smile.

Amit Arora

Joanne Kavouras

Joanne’s passion for dancing started when she was 4 years old attending her Godmother’s dance school for jazz, tap & ballet classes. Shortly after, she took to gymnastics which then brought her and her family to Canberra when she was given a scholarship to train at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Years later after retiring from gymnastics, finishing school & becoming a Personal Trainer, Joanne attended her first Merengue & Salsa class with her father and has loved social dancing since. She also joined a Salsa performance group at the time which significantly enhanced her skill level and confidence as a dancer.

After some years of travelling and learning & teaching Yoga Joanne’s passion for Latin dancing has been ignited again. She seizes any chance to increase her skill & technique while helping others in the art of harnessing partner connection in both leading and following while maintain a sense of fun and appreciation for the irresistible beats of Latin music.

Her talent and hard work have quickly been recognised in the Latin dance community and Joanne has already been booked to perform and teach internationally in early 2019.

We are also excited to have Joanne teaching Yoga at LDC to allow students to increase their flexibility, overall strength, balance and connection as well as take time out to relax and recover, getting the most out of their dancing and overall health.

Katya Golobokova

‘You dance to express, not to impress...dance truly comes form within and once the passion is there...impressing the audience is undeniable! And I am here to help bring your inner fire out.’

Katya is a multi-faceted dancer with a variety of styles and decades of experience under her belt.

Starting at the early age of 4, Katya spent close to a decade in a Russian Ballet School and was classically trained until her mid-teens. As part of her extensive dance training she also dabbed into Ballroom, Latin and Urban styles until taking a break from dance to concentrate on her studies. 

But dance is in Katya’s blood and when she was ready to come back, she decided to explore her fiery Latin side.  Starting with Salsa and Bachata, she tried out Reggaeton, and performed in Dancehall and Afro styles...all before settling on Brazilian Samba. This infectiously energetic style stole her heart and she never looked back!! When she hears the drums her hips can’t help it but start moving on their own. Samba, together with her feisty and sassy attitude, are a marriage made in heaven.


Katya has been dancing samba for over 5 years and is proud to have danced, performed and competed along side some of the most talented and accomplished samba dancers and groups in Australia.

She has traveled to Brazil multiple times to learn about the country, the people and the culture of where this dance comes from. She is very passionate about learning from the roots and sharing the essence of samba with you. It is important to Katya to share with her students the history of samba, what it means to the people of Brazil and that we stay authentic to this beautiful style and make them proud whenever they watch us dance!

Katya is a great performer and entertainer, but most importantly she loves sharing her passion for dance with you, inspiring you and getting you fired up to kill it on the dance floor!

‘You dance to express, not to impress...
Dance truly comes from within and you see the fire and the passion...impressing the audience is undeniable! And I am here to help bring your inner fire out.’

Lana Dolcezza

Lana Dolcezza is a very versatile dancer with experience in Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Samba and Australian titles in Samba and Zouk under her belt.

Lana has been dancing for what seems like her entire life, starting with Jazz when she was 6 years old. She enjoys performing and sharing the joy of music and storytelling through the moment. 

She has been learning and performing a variety of Latin styles for over 7 years including Samba, Salsa, Bachata and Zouk. 

She has competed three times in the national ALDC (Australian Latin Dance Championships), winning two first-place national titles in 2015 for Samba and Zouk, and placing third in the Bachata titles in 2016. 

Lana has learned from many national and world-class dance teachers, including studying in Brazil and dancing in the Rio Carnival. She has been part of many professional Latin dance performance groups and also enjoys the fun and freedom of social dancing. Lana believes dance is the best way to exercise your mind and your body. 

“Dance is so many things to me. It’s an art, a challenge, a creative outlet and a release from the stress in our busy lives. It’s an absolute privilege to share that with others”

Amy Hart

Amy has always had a passion for dancing even from a young age she was involved in Jazz, tap dancing and ballet. Six years ago, Amy decided to try Salsa and there has been no turning back. She loves all things Salsa and Bachata and you will find her dancing most nights of the week. Amy enjoys performing and has participated in numerous competitions including the Australian Latin Dance Championships. More recently Amy has been teaching with the Latin Dance Canberra crew, where she admits is the highlight of her week. Amy loves the joy that dancing brings to people and is truly addicted.

Anushka Kumar

Anushka Kumar has been dancing and performing since the young age of 3. She has performed Internationally in countries including Germany, Czech Republic, Zimbabwe, India, Australia and most recently in Greece and Papua New Guinea. She has been teaching Bollywood dancing for the past 8 years to all ages at “Canberra School of Bollywood” including tiny tots, junior kids, beginners, intermediate and advance! She has had intense training by the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts. 
Anushka has performed for charity functions, news channels, short Bollywood films, festivals and various local events. As well as with famous Bollywood stars and singers including John Abraham, Mika Singh, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Himesh Reshammiya, etc. In the past several years she has won several competitions interstate in Bollywood dancing. Her experience in Bollywood also helped to pickup basic foundation Latin steps quickly as it had similar rhythm and styling! So if that’s something you wish to work on then join in! 

Amy Walker

Amy has been dancing in the Latin scene for 7 years now - teaching, performing, choreographing, competing in various styles including her main passion Salsa and Bachata. Amy started dancing with individual styles such as Belly Dancing and Reggaeton before moving into Salsa, Bachata and Cha-Cha.

Amy has competed and performed in Salsa and Bachata in various events and competitions around Australia, however, her main passion remains social dancing. Amy believes every dance you share with someone is different and exciting as you never know what you might be led into and you never have the same dance twice.

Amy is a teacher by trade and she loves passing knowledge on to others and helping them achieve their goals. She finds teaching dance perfect for her because it allows her to do both the things she loves in one place.